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Our Personal Health Assessment Programs

Kaua'i Career & Vocational Teen Mentoring Program

The Kaua'i Career & Vocational Teen Mentoring program is a unique approach to helping connect youth with an adult mentor to build self esteem, learn about career and vocational opportunities, learn valuable life skills, and strengthen a connection to community. This program meets Tuesday and Thursday after school at the Kapaa Middle School. The main activity that participating teens work on is the production of the Mentor Ohana Teen Radio Series.

Kauai Team Challenge Inc. Mentoring Children of Kaua'i

Mentoring Children of Kaua'i is a program helping to foster positive relationships in our communities' youth. Mentors provide much needed support for those youth dealing with challenges of everyday life. Many children with such hardships are faced with decreased self esteem, trust issues, and poor school performances that may lead to negative long term outcomes. With the right encouragement, fun and positive environment, children are allowed better choices which lead to enhanced lives. With as little as an hour a week a mentor can be that catalyst to helping build a solid foundation for a child's future.

Choosing Life / Choosing Success

The cool teen Program that is runs at Kapaa Middle School along with Parent Project.

East Kaua'i Drug Prevention Education Team (EKDPET)

This is run by the volunteer EKDPET group that helps to put on family and youth programs from Kapaa up to the North Shore of Kaua'i.  EKDPET also puts on the East Side Family Summit each year as our large-scale, family strengthening community project.  Surveys in this Program are designed to gather information to help improve life for all of us living on and visiting Kaua'i.

NA MELE INOA NO KAUA'I - Name Songs for Kaua'i

This exciting project of the Malie Foundation

Education Energy

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Aloha Movement Project (AMP)


The Aloha Movement Project is a breakthrough educational program that has been founded at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Our mission is to inspire creativity, to ignite passion, and discover purpose.

Our diverse membership is a collaboration of students, musicians, artists, and community activists who use their education and talents to provide a new platform for expression and service to the community.

The AMP Education Program is designed to harness “Education Energy” as a renewable resource for social change. Our accredited internship encourages students to identify one key issue they would like to see change in their community during the semester. Students then combine their school projects from every realm of study to produce a community action plan portfolio. Students then host events on campus to raise funding, community awareness, and implement the change.

According to Newsweek Magazine the American youth are experiencing a “Creativity Crisis.” We believe creativity in everyday life, helps to shape our culture, and pave our future. We are passionate about utilizing our resources to give back to the community in a creative manner.

Finally, the Purpose of AMP is to enhance the quality of life for the people of the world. By creating an organization with no boundaries we are empowering students to “Be the change they wish to see in the world.”

Island Nutopia

Our mission is to Facilitate the Cultivation of Spiritual Humanitarian Heros

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