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Pihea Lani by Richard Beach

Richard Beach"Pihea Lani"

Composer: Richard Beach

Performer: Kate Saik

Recorded at: Fat Tuesday Studio

Engineer:  Ron Pendragon

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Pihea Lani by Richard Beach

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Richard Beach


Oh Pihea…Land between, High above the Valley floor

Swirling mists kiss the Valley wall, cool and high, Pihea calls



Pihea, Kalalau’s crown, land of sacred light, rainbow mists bless your days

And diamond bright stars grace your night


Wander Pihea in Sun or Mist, My favorite place to be

High on Kauai’s clouded crest, her waters tumble to the sea


Deep fern valleys, scarlet birds, forests filled with peace

The setting sun melts into the sea, firey skies from west to east


Apapane, Elepaio, I’iwi sing your praise

Strong ohia shelter joyful birds, now as in ancient days

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