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PASS - Peer Assisted Study Sessions

studentsPASS - Peer Assisted Study Sessions

This is a unique and empowering program offered at UoW where students like you come together to support each other in studies and working on class assignments.

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PASS provides Peer Assisted Study Sessions, where students work together to reinforce key concepts and develop effective study strategies. Think "super group" learning! The PASS 

program is celebrating 10 years on the UOW campus in 2011 and runs on a range of subjects encompassing all faculties across the University of Wollongong. Whether you are a top performer or could use some improvement, you will benefit from the skills and understanding gained from attending PASS. The most obvious result of PASS is that students who attend regularly consistently earn a higher grade and withdraw less often than those who do not attend. PASS is also a great way to network with other students in your course. See if PASS is supporting your subjects.

PASS is an International program and the University of Wollongong is the Australasian Centre for the region. SSPL coordinates PASS at UOW and also provides regional leadership for PASS through theAustralasian National Centre .


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